Even at the tender age of two, Mattie Windsor knows the thrill of a bargain hunt.  Last Saturday morning we made the rounds to a few of my favorite shopping establishments including Goodwill, Habitat Re-store, and the Rescue Mission thrift store, which has recently become one of my favorite haunts.  It is a huge warehouse and an ideal place for Mattie Windsor to run wild.  There is very little that she can break, and I can keep my eyes on her at all time.

It was during this recent excursion that we found this petite foot stool.  It screamed to be reupholstered and taken to Vintage Jane, so Mattie Windsor and I had no choice but to bring it home.  After stripping off the existing fabric, I decided to reupholster it with two fabrics and embellish it with black cording and silver tacks.  I found the result to be exquisite and could not wait to drop it off at Vintage Jane this week.  I hope that it finds a new home soon!

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