My husband gets all the credit for this blog post. Please read Jed’s words below regarding his father’s battle with bladder cancer and to learn more abouth the National Walk for Bladder Cancer Awareness on May 5th.

Baseball season right!

Well, not really, but opening day was not that long ago so I guess I can still use the same analogy. Still confused?

We all know life can sometimes throws you a nasty curveball. One of those that you never see coming and you are completely unprepared to deal with. My family had one of those come our way just about twelve years ago when my father (Eddie) was diagnosed with bladder cancer. Easy Eddie, as he was aptly named for his easy-going approach to life, fought hard but eventually lost his battle just over a year and a half later in December of 2000.

Last year marked to first year we participated in the national “Walk for Bladder Cancer Awareness” and hosted friends and family at my sister’s house Hillsborough, NC. It was a day that Easy Ed would have been proud of. Good food, good beverages, and even better company. This year we have decided to up the ante and set a donation target of $500 to the Bladder Cancer Advocacy Network (BCAN) who is responsible for promoting bladder awareness throughout the nation. The post walk festivities have also been kicked up a little bit as well.


Below is a link to my father’s story and additional information on BCAN and the post walk shindig. We have all either had this type of curveball thrown at us or know someone how has. By no means do I expect a donation of any type, but if you are free Saturday, May 5th we would love to have you come to Hillsborough to celebrate the Easiness of Eddie Hurt.  Please feel free to pass this along to anyone who you feel would be interested and thanks for taking the time to read.