On Sunday night, my husband issued a challenge to me to make a new project for Vintage Jane this week. I am never one to shy away from a challenge, so I gladly accepted the opportunity to get creative.

A couple of months back, I was given a director’s chair by another Jane to see if I wanted to work a little magic on it. It was missing the back and the royal blue canvas on the seat was faded and in desperate need of an update. At the time that I initially brought the chair home, my attention was focused on other projects, so I tucked the chair into a closet and forgot about it until I received Jed’s recent challenge. I used a luxurious aqua and white upholstery fabric to replace the seat as well as the missing back. The fabric is the perfect compliment to the white frame and gives the chair a fresh look.

Of course I never work on just one project at a time, so I also made a more familiar project. This is quite possibly my largest wine corkboard to date and consists of an impressive 341 corks!

Both of these items (as well as a few others) are headed to Vintage Jane this weekend.