Most Saturday mornings in the Hurt household consist of Mattie Windsor and I shopping at yard sales and perusing the farmer’s market while Jed enjoys a long bike ride. Therefore, it is very common for Jed to come home from his ride to find a new selection of randomly found treasures and possible projects strewn throughout our house.
This was the case this past Saturday when Jed was greeted by a six-foot wooden propeller in our living room. (Yes, you read that correctly … a six-foot wooden propeller.)  Jed came upstairs to find me a few minutes later, shook his head, and simply stated “you never know….” He quickly followed his statement with “do not say anything.”

Jed then proceeded to disappear into another room to write something on his hand before coming back to let me that I was allowed to finally speak.   The first words out of my mouth were , “do you like it?”   To my astonishment, Jed held up his left hand and I read “do you like it?” scrawled across his palm. Wow, my husband knows me well. As it turns out, Jed likes the propeller very much and inquired about its whereabouts and price tag.

The truth is, I cannot even claim finding it. My parents had brought it to me that morning. A few weeks prior, my father had answered an ad on Craigslist for boxes of free movies. When he went to pick up the movies located within a storage unit, the owner asked him if he would like to take anything else. My father spotted the propeller and asked if he could have it too.  Unfortunately for my father, my mother was not too keen on hanging it up in there house. I, on the other hand, swooned over it during a recent visit to their house so my father happily agreed to pass it onto me. I just had not gotten around to telling Jed about the arrival of the propeller and figured it would just be better to wait and let him see it in person.

I suppose I was right.  Isn’t it marvelous?