I have already written two blogs about that ridiculously fantastic yard sale at the warehouse, so why not write a third? As you may recall, I went to the same yard sale in a grimy old warehouse two weeks in a row. During my first visit, I spotted what appeared to be a wooden mid-century modern bench with two missing legs that I later found on the ground beside it. The price tag was only $2, but it was in pretty rough condition and covered in layers of dirt.  Not to mention, my car was already packed beyond capacity with all of my other treasures, so I reluctantly decided to leave the bench behind.

As the story goes, I went back to the same yard sale the following weekend.  I quickly discovered that the price tag on the bench had been revised to “free” so I had no choice but to claim it for myself.  With a couple of new boards, a few screws, and a fresh coat of stain; my rescue mission was complete.  It was just what we needed and provides us a place to relax and take off our shoes when we come in on a rainy autumn day.

P.S.  As usual, I failed to take “before” pictures, but I can assure you that this was a serious upgrade.  I have witnesses.