There is no getting around it, I am a planner. Let’s rewind to approximately to almost three years ago to a pregnant me. It was a Saturday afternoon and I was doing yard work when Jed arrived home from a long bike ride and greeted me with “get it in the car.” This was not my first rodeo.   I knew that this meant that Jed had spotted something cool on the side of the road, and being the very loving husband that he is, we were off to claim a new project.

This time it was a vintage brass bed complete with headboard, footboard, and rails. We could tell that it needed a little TLC in the form of some welding to repair the headboard, but both Jed and I agreed that the bed was certainly worth rescuing and loaded it into the car. We already had one antique brass bed that Jed and I purchased from an antique shop for our own bedroom that cost a lot more than free, so you can imagine that we were tickled pink to literally find another one on the side of the road.

We decided to store the frame away to eventually become our unborn daughter’s bed in the very distant future. The bed frame sat in our garage in Richmond for more than a year until it was transported to North Carolina only to sit in our basement for well over another year. It was only very recently that we finally liberated the frame only to remember that it still needed some welding to make it functional.

Luckily, through the power of Facebook, I was able to find Alan. He agreed to do our repair job for free as long as I was present for the process. Are you kidding? I got to spend an afternoon in a proper machine shop where I got to wear safety goggles and a face shield while I watched the sparks fly. Once the welding repair was complete, I even got a tour of the shop while the metal cooled.

Mattie Windsor now has a very adult-like bed and because it is full-size, we can easily temporarily relocate her to our room in order to provide an extra place for guests to sleep this holiday season.