The Hurts have been busy in the kitchen. We have now been in our home for approximately a year and half and can boast that we have painted almost every room (sometimes twice) but we finally have created a kitchen that is truly worthy of being referred to as the heart of our home.

The process started when Jed removed a pair of existing frosted glass light fixtures last summer and replaced them with a polished pair of chrome fixtures on weights. The next step was selling the over-sized pot rock left behind by the previous owners on craigslist. And then we took a sabbatical from the kitchen for several months while we focused our attention elsewhere and made improvements throughout the rest of our house.

When the temperature started to rise this past Spring, our focus finally shifted back to the kitchen. First off, we bought a metal restaurant prep table to replace our kitchen island. We had no problem saying good-bye to the former island composed of wooden cabinets and off-white Formica counter tops as it was carted away (thanks again to Craigslist).

Next came painting, painting, and still more painting. Our kitchen is split into two rooms. First Jed and I painted the walls Silver Satin by Benjamin Moore in order to create cohesiveness with the rest of the house. Then the existing drab green ceilings were painted over with Oxford White again by Benjamin Moore in order to cast a more flattering glow (Thanks Shawn – I dread the thought of painting a ceiling). Next up, the doors came off of our existing upper cabinets and all the cabinets received a fresh coat of Collingwood (yet again) by Benjamin Moore. The fronts of the lower cabinets and our panty were covered in chalkboard paint to add contrast. Not to mention, the chalkboard paint provides a canvas for Jed and I to write grocery lists, inspirational quotes, and silly messages and for Mattie Windsor to exhibit her creative drawing skills. We replaced all of the cabinet hardware and chose black for the hinges and a shiny chrome for the knobs and handles. We hung a copper pipe to hold our utensils and an Ikea knife magnet to hold our finest chef’s tools.

The pig print was a gift to Jed that I found on etsy last Christmas that my father framed for us using an unused mat and frame that was collecting dust in our attic.  Jed found the stool on the side of the road and was featured on a previous blog.

And then came the big stuff. Jed took on the removal of our existing white formica countertops and backsplash as well as our industry standard stainless steel sink. We were able to find a remnant piece of honed black granite from a local provider and I found a white cast iron sink double sink on craigslist (Thanks once again!). Jed learned that he possessed plumbing skills he never knew he had when he replaced our faucet and reconnected all of the water lines to our garbage disposal and dishwasher.

(Mattie Windsor is proudly modeling the new faucet. Check out the wall behind her. This is what we uncovered behind a layer of formica and later replaced with a tile backsplash.)

Finally, we were in the home stretch. We selected a glass mosaic tile for our backsplash complimented with gray grout in order to incorporate all of the gray, brown, and chrome aspects of the room and to add a reflective surface. The tiles were small enough that the project did not require a wet saw and along with the assistance of our very good friend “Uncle Shawn” we were able to complete the project in just a few days. The window above our sink received a fresh coat of white paint and we were in business.

We renovated our entire kitchen on a shoestring budget and the results are so gratifying. Whether it is hosting a large dinner party or a romantic meal for two, the kitchen has always been the heart of our home and now it finally reflects our personalities. Jed has always been the chef in our house, but I love to bake. With our kitchen complete, I am excited to have the opportunity to take a break from house projects and sink my hands in flour.