This year Jed, Mattie Windsor, and I had the privilege of hosting Thanksgiving in our home. Sixteen of us crowded around the dining room table and a couple of card tables to dine on a bountiful feast. Our party included family members from all over Virginia, in-laws from LA, and my sister who is spending the next several months working in Brussels and Amsterdam.

The meal was truly a group event.  For appetizers we contributed homemade pumpkin hummus, salami, and a variety of cheeses and crostini along with Tom, Kathleen, and Piper’s generous offering of dried figs and apricots, roasted nuts and tapenade.  Jed manned the raw bar and served oysters on the half shell that could be topped with a squeeze of lemon, sriracha sauce and/or homemade mustard.

For the main event, Jed cooked his first turkey (a giant heritage breed that he brined first).  Jed also made roasted brussel sprouts with chestnuts and sweet potato and parsnip frites finished with truffle oil.  Jed’s mom brought mushroom dressing, ham biscuits and “Nano’s sweet potatoes.”  My mom made deviled eggs as well as a scrumptious apple pie.  Dick and Carol delivered a cranberry compote (Mattie Windsor’s favorite dish of the night) as well as pumpkin pies and a decadent chocolate cake.  I even made something too.  Mattie Windsor and I baked pumpkin biscotti to be enjoyed with our coffee after the epic meal.


I thoroughly enjoyed the preparation of setting the table and created ornaments to be used as part of the centerpiece and to be distributed as gifts amongst our guests at the end of the evening.  It appeared that a good time was had by all.

The Hurts are truly thankful.