When it comes to decorating, I love anything and everything that is either natural or rustic. You will find no shortage of coral, driftwood, and other weathered objects scattered about our home. I am particularly fond of deer antlers and thanks to my parents (and their friends and co-workers), I have amassed quite a collection.

(Hmmm…perhaps there will be an antler wreath or chandelier is in our future?…)

During my most recent visit to my hometown, my parents bestowed upon me this magnificent specimen.


Needless to say, I could not wait to get my new set of antlers home to hang on our wall. Rather than mount them to create a trophy,(because I am more of a gatherer than a hunter), I chose to give the antlers the royal treatment they deserve.

First I hung a vintage painted frame that I practically stole for $1 from an antique shop several months ago.


Next I centered the antlers within the frame.


The result is an unexpected compliment to our dining room mantel.

P.S. Happy 46th Anniversary Mom & Dad!!