Back in mid-March, the Hurts ventured by the Sandy Ridge Farmer’s Market in Greensboro on our way home from Jed’s Duathlon (consequently, he took 3rd overall).  We bought chervil, parsley, and dill to add to our thriving herb garden and decided to try our hand at growing lettuce.  We spent a total of $5.50 and brought home 16 plants to include leafy spring greens, red leaf, bibb, and arugula.  The next day Mattie Windsor and I made a small patch and placed all 16 plants in the ground.  Unfortunately. Peter Rabbit came by a few days later and made off with one of our plants but 15 survivors isn’t too shabby.


We decided to start harvesting this weekend.


On Friday, we ate a mix of fresh salad greens mixed with homegrown oregano, orange slices, almonds, and a traditional shallot vinaigrette.


On Saturday, we ate a similar mix of salad greens mixed with homegrown mint, strawberries, feta cheese, and leftover shallot vinaigrette.


There is still plenty more lettuce to go around which means several more delicious salads in our near future.