Not every project has to be big. In fact, sometimes a simple project can be refreshing.

I am a self-proclaimed magazine addict and I am particularly find of shelter magazines. With that being said, I cannot stand clutter and I am not a fan of amassing stuff.  As a result, I usually read a magazine cover to cover, tear out a few photos to add to my idea book, and recycle the rest. With that being said, I do find myself holding onto a few magazines that hold the promise of becoming excellent reference materials.

Hence the inspiration behind the magazine stool. I acquired this small frame at the same estate sale where I recently found our settee. (  In fact, the stool was thrown in for free.

I gave it a few coats of glossy black paint.


Then I strategically inserted a couple of wooden paint stirs (you know, those free things you get every time you buy paint which happens to be a common occurrence in the Hurt household) into a magazine to provide support, added a few more magazines to the stack, and a stool was born.


Simplicity at its best.