It is no secret that I love yard sales, thrift stores, and antique shops. As a result, our house is eclectic. I am so proud that I can point to almost anything in our home and tell a story about the obscure way we found it or the sweat equity that I put into creating it. But every now and then, a girl longs to purchase something shiny and new.

I mean sometimes I just want to buy something that does not require assembling, sanding, painting, sewing, or upholstering. I love our unique vintage furniture but every once in awhile it would be nice to have furniture that does not creak, show signs of wear and tear, and is actually a part of a set.

The Hurts have officially splurged. We ordered this set of four metal chairs from Restoration Hardware and had them delivered to our front door. All I had to do was open a couple of boxes.


(Please note that the chairs were on a pretty good sale.)


The chairs are the perfect compliment to our tulip table (purchased on craigslist) and our foyer (where we enjoy a cheese plate every evening and breakfast on the weekends.)


In no way shape or form have I lost my desire to go thrifting, I just need a little balance from time to time.