A couple of years ago, I bought a pair of faux leather cubes to use as nightstands in our bedroom. I figured that if the cubes did not work as bedside tables, then they would be versatile enough to use anywhere.

The short story is that the cubes were too short to be used as proper night stands and were replaced with tables of a more appropriate height.  After moving the cubes to several places throughout our house, I finally deemed them to be not quite as versatile as I had originally thought. Eventually I split up the pair, sold one cube, and relegated the other cube to the attic.


It remained there until I recently realized that it would be an ideal candidate for a simple slipcover job.


I cut a few scraps of fabric into rectangles and sewed them together.  The project came together quickly and transformed the cube into a side table/small ottoman to be used in our guest room.


With that being said and done, the best thing about a slipcover is that it can be changed again on a whim.