Last winter Mattie Windsor and I discovered the Cadillac of kid’s play kitchens when she gravitated towards a pink Pottery Barn retro-inspired mini kitchen at a local consignment shop.  After much deliberation, I simply could not justify forking down the $250 required to bring it home.

Over the last several months I have spent countless hours searching craigslist, pinning a bazillion make-your-own play kitchens on Pinterest, and examining other lovely play kitchens in stores.  And then last weekend, I stumbled upon this miniature hutch at a yard sale that was literally two blocks from our house.


I made an offer of $10 and it was mine.


First, I gave it a proper sanding.


Then I used my nifty new jigsaw (thanks Dad!) to make a hole to contain the future sink.


Then I drilled three holes to house the future knobs for the stove.


Next I drilled large holes to support a dowel to be later used as a curtain rod.


Now it was time to paint.  I had recently taken advantage of a couple of coupons for free paint samples and had allowed Mattie Windsor to select a pale pink and an electric purple.


I also incorporated a little Kelly green from a paint sample found in our basement.


Finally, I added chalkboard paint (a Hurt house staple) for the counter top and cabinet fronts.


Luckily, I had some help.



Now it was time to make the curtain.  I used a pink floral vintage bark cloth to make a simple valance.


I embellished the kitchen with an enamel bowl for the sink.  Two silver dishes were glued to the top to serve as burners for the stove and three decorative drawer pulls (that Jed and I rescued from an abandoned chest on the side of the road several years ago) became the knobs to operate the stove.



Last but not least, it was time to add the food and dishes.  Mattie Windsor already has a very cool vintage aluminum tea set (thanks Mom and Dad!) and various wooden fruits and vegetables.  I scoured the house for additional items such as a vintage double boiler, a set of geese measuring cups, and an unused set of vintage linens that include a cheery yellow tablecloth with matching napkins.


 I also hung a trio of wire baskets for extra storage.


The renovation is finally complete and our little chef is reading to start whipping up culinary masterpieces.