It has been a long time since I have had the opportunity to attend a good ole country auction, so you cannot imagine my excitement when I saw the sign advertising an auction a mere four blocks from our house. 


I arrived this morning just in time to register before the bidding commenced.  I spent the first two hours solo until Jed dropped off Mattie Windsor.  She immediately got in on the action and was very clear on which items caught her fancy.   We came home with numerous treasures and had a blast.


Check out our numerous boxes of loot . . .


. . . along with a pair of mid century benches with hairpin legs.  I did not get the opportunity to bid on these guys until the end.  In fact, Mattie Windsor and I were loading up the car when I heard these benches finally come up for auction.  We raced back and made it just in time to snag them up.  Consequently, they were too large to it in my car so we walked them home.  I’m just thankful we live in the neighborhood.


One of the benches already has a spot in our foyer.


A small pagoda came home in addition to a couple of other concrete garden ornaments.


These French crystal goblets are members of a set of eight.


Trio of snack trays with cups.


This small wooden chest is a great home for spare blankets in our guest room.


This crate full of vintage burlap fertilizer bags promises many new projects.


This silver candle holder works quite well with our Autumn decor.


And this charming white latte dish makes a lovely vessel to hold Hibiscus seeds recently sent from my mom.


And last but not least, Mattie Windsor came home with a sundry of pots and pans for her new kitchen.

All in all, it was quite a fun day and the perfect fall weather made it that much better.