About a year and a half ago, I stumbled upon these hand-stitched “Sue Bonnet” quilt squares at Goatfeathers.


The set included over 2o unique squares (enough to make a small quilt for Mattie Windsor), but what made these squares so special was their provenance.  Lucky for me, my friend Mandi, was working at Goatfeathers that morning.  As the former owner of the handmade quilt squares, she explained that they were crafted by her grandmother, Mattie Kennedy.  It was fate!  My maiden name is Kennedy, so it was only too perfect for Mattie Windsor to have a quilt from Mattie Kennedy.


The next step was finding someone who makes quilts.  After a half-hearted search spanning almost eighteen months, I gave up and decided to give quilting a spin.  Please note that I am not claiming to suddenly have ascertained quilting skills.  I totally cheated and used my sewing machine.


After careful deliberation, I determined the layout of the squares and stitched them together with a solid pink border.  The back of the quilt (as seen in the upper left corner) consists of a large piece of fabric made of small patterned blocks.  I found the fabric already stitched together at Goatfeathers (on a separate trip) and was happy to utilize someone else’s unfinished project.


Perhaps not my best sewing work …


But I think she likes it!