After all these snow days, I officially have Spring fever!

In anticipation of the warm sunny days ahead, I have decided to revamp our sleeping porch.


I brought up the wrought iron couch from our front porch.


 I washed the cushions and switched out a few pillows to make it an inviting spot to relax with a magazine.


I brought up an old table from our basement and topped it with an old door.


The table was my grandmother’s and it came out of the University of Virginia law school where she worked as the secretary to the dean.  She refinished the table herself, and it sat in her entry hall until it was eventually passed to me.  I have always loved the table but have struggled to find a place for it.  It does not match any of our existing decor and is an odd size.  I have tried placing it in several rooms throughout our house until ultimately relegating the table to our basement.  Now the table has a new life as a desk and is topped with a variety of gardening and craft supplies.  My grandmother was an avid gardener as well as an expert at arranging flowers.  She was quite crafty so I think she would approve.


The new porch set up also allows for storage of magazines, gardening books, and extra flower pots.


I even managed to carve out a play area for Mattie Windsor.  It houses her play kitchen, an art easel for painting, and the table and chairs constructed by my Dad.


It is perfect for entertaining.