Believe it or not, there is one room left in our house that we have not repainted . . . until now.  Apparently 2015 is the year to repaint our downstairs / guest bathroom.

Jed helped to facilitate this decision by removing the small wooden toothpaste holder seen below.


  He has wanted to rip this dated thing off of the wall since we moved in, but it was painted the same celery green as the bathroom and would leave a random mark on the wall that we could not easily hide.


With the offensive toothbrush holder gone and a glaring white spot on the wall over the sink, it was time to get to work.  I chose “Catalina Blue” by Benjamin Moore for a spa-like feel and started painting on Saturday morning while Jed and Paul ran the Frosty 25K at Salem Lake.


Despite just finishing an arduous race, Jed even helped me roll when he got back.  (Of course, we shared a celebratory beer first.)


After cleaning up, I added a few accessory updates


including freshly potted succulents


and the bathroom was complete.

What will we find to paint now?…