Let’s rewind back to a brisk Tuesday morning in early November.  As always I went out my pre-work run.  I was almost home when I came across this on the side of the road.


I was giddy!


Not only was the couch sturdy but the caning was in perfect condition too.


Now it was time to convince Jed to help me load it in the car before we left for work.  I waited until he finished his workout and approached him with my proposition.  The conversation went something along the lines of this.

Me: “I found something really large on the side of the road and I need your helping getting it home.”

Jed: (heavy sigh)

After his shower…

Jed: “What is it?”

Me: “It’s a … couch.”

Jed: (even heavier sigh)

After all three of got dressed for work and school, we bundled up and got in my car.  When Jed pulled up to the curb and saw the massive amount of caning, he let out an even heavier sigh.  (I should mention that Jed hates all things wicker and he equates caning to wicker.)

Jed stuffed the couch in the back of my car as far as it would go.  It only fit about halfway.  So with Mattie Windsor safely strapped in her car seat, I rode in the back of the car holding onto the couch for dear life.  Jed sped back home.  I was quite certain that he was trying to throw the offensive couch out the back of the car (and maybe me too.)

We safely arrived back at our house and Jed dragged the couch out of the car onto the driveway.  With the couch safely in my possession, I snapped a couple of quick photographs and quietly snuck off to work.

Fast forward through Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Day to a long weekend in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr.  With the promise of a three day weekend, it was time to finalize my vision.

First, I stripped off the green striped fabric before giving it a fresh coat of paint.


I used a $5 can of white “oops” paint from Lowes mixed with plaster of Paris for the look of chalk paint.


With a simple upholstery job using a large neutral patterned remnant,


I have a romantic oasis on my sleeping porch.


Jed even likes it!