Project Hurt is not an attempt to recruit others in an evil scheme to cause bodily injury to everyone I encounter. I am actually completely harmless. Seriously, I am 5’2”. Project Hurt is about my obsession to always have a project (more on that in a moment) and my last name happens to be Hurt.

When I say, “I love a project”, I am not exaggerating. I go into withdrawals if I do not have a piece of furniture to recover, a pillow to sew, a table to paint, need I go on? For example, I have been known to make Christmas decorations in March when I cannot find anything else to do.

In addition to my crafty ways, I have developed quite the reputation among my friends of being a shameless dumpster diver. Sounds glamorous, right? In other words, if you leave a threadbare, gold plaid chair complete with cat scratches and a purple kool-aid stain on your curb with your trash, I have no problem coming by, putting it in the back of my car, and returning home with dreams of how to recycle it and make it beautiful once more. Luckily my husband, Jed, is always down for one of my adventures and willing to help with the heavy lifting that is inevitably involved.

I have utilized this crazy passion to decorate my home (and redecorate it several times), my friends’ homes and even a few strangers. It keeps me overwhelmingly busy, but I would not have it any other way!